Monday, November 8, 2010

Tyler & Taylor's Wedding Cake

Tyler and Taylor chose a very elegant design for their wedding cake. It was perfect to match their gorgeous and elegant outdoor reception!

The top three layers of this cake were chocolate fudge, with a creamy chocolate filling. It was covered in an orange-flavored buttercream frosting and marshmallow fondant. The black swirls are completely edible and hand-painted on the fondant. We saved the top layer for the bride and groom and served the other two chocolate layers at the wedding. The bottom layer is actually styrofoam, to make the cake look larger while saving money and not having excess cake. :)

Thanks for letting me be part of your special day, Tyler & Taylor!


  1. Once again you have made a beautiful cake! I looks fabulous!!!

  2. Hi this cake looks great . i was just wondering did u put the fondant on top of the butter cream?